Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Ten minutes at the pumpkin patch with a 3 year old goes a little like this..

On the hunt for the perfect pumpkin…

October 5-12.jpg

Find the perfect pumpkin and do a “I found the perfect pumpkin” dance.

pick up said perfect pumpkin

October 5-14.jpg
October 5-15.jpg
October 5-16.jpg

find a giant pumpkin for mommy…

October 5-17.jpg

Mommy says no that one is too big for her to carry, so pick her some flowers instead

October 5-18.jpg

Then find another Giant pumpkin and insist that one is the ONE!

October 5-19.jpg

Mommy obliges and lugs both pumpkins back to the wagon. And there you have 10 minutes at a pumpkin patch with a 3 year old.